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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions will govern each and every issue that may arise in relation to your access to www.savekubwa.com, use of its aggregation/comparison charts or related information on insurance or other financial products, purchase of any such product or service, or participation in forums, social media, and related services (collectively referred as the Service) being offered or otherwise made available on this website or the websites of its partners, subsidiaries, affiliates, licensees, agents, and service providers (the Partner Websites).

Please review these terms and conditions before requesting any price quote or using the website and its resources to purchase any financial product or service. If you don’t agree or have any reservation against these provisions, you may stop accessing this website and discontinue the Service.

Service Description

The website www.savekubwa.com is being owned and operated by Savekubwa Ltd. The website provides aggregation and comparison of various insurance and financial products, and allows the insurance/financial service providers to list their products and services on the website. The users can use the aggregation/comparison information and related reviews, reviews, advice, suggestion or recommendations to find the most suitable insurance cover or financial products as per their needs and preferences.

However, Savekubwa Ltd shall never be a party to your relationship with third party insurance/financial service providers. You should acknowledge that we are not providing our services as an agent or intermediary of any such party. Nothing on this website shall create or deemed as any kind of agent- principal, partnership, joint venture, employer-employee relationship between Savekubwa Ltd and the listed insurance/financial service providers.

Although we take every feasible precaution to ensure that policy/product comparisons, quotes, features, and other information, as provided by the insurers/financial service providers or their agents/intermediaries, are correct and reliable, but it should be very clear that Savekubwa Ltd its directors, shareholders, officers and employees will not be liable to you or any third party for your investment decisions. Every prospective investor/policyholder will be responsible for his/her decisions. Once a policy or financial product is purchased on/through the website, all your issues related to that purchase (insurance or financial matters) shall be resolved by the respective insurance/financial service provider.

Savekubwa Ltd reserves a discretionary right to edit, modify, suspend, or permanently remove any feature or service from the website, in whole or parts thereof.


Accessing this website, requesting a price quote, or otherwise using any aspect of the Service shall be deemed as your consent to enter a legally binding agreement with Savekubwa Ltd. Clicking I Agree or related syntaxes in any part of this website or interface of your device shall be deemed as your digital signature and consent to accept these terms and conditions.

When you enter this agreement, it shall be deemed that you are legally mature and otherwise qualified to accept this agreement. If you are less than the age of legal maturity in your home country, you may still use the Service under the guidance and supervision of your legal guardians, who shall enter this agreement on your behalf. However, minors of less than 13 years of age are not allowed to use the website/Service. All activities without entering this agreement shall be deemed as unauthorized access. This agreement shall apply in its entirety. You are not allowed to pick individual clause and redefine this agreement. Subject to the applicable laws, if any provisions of your other agreements with Savekubwa Ltd are inconsistent with this agreement, the relevant provisions of this agreement will prevail over them.

Savekubwa Ltd reserves a right to determine the process and procedures for accessing this website or using any aspect of the Service, including the blogs, forums, social media, or exclusive deals and product offers on this website or the Partner Websites.

Savekubwa Ltd reserves a right to remove any financial product, price references, product descriptions and promotional offers from the website in its sole discretion, without any prior notice for such modifications.

The Service is intended for the residents of Kenya. If you are located outside Kenya, it shall your responsibility to ensure that the Service is available in your country and you can purchase the offered insurance cover and other financial products and services without violating any local, state or federal laws.

Savekubwa Ltd may monitor your activities on this website, but shall have no obligation to do so. Any violation of this agreement, as determined by Savekubwa Ltd, will result in a suspension/termination of your account. In such cases, we may prevent you from using the website/Service any further and disclose any information, content, recorded messages or communications to relevant authorities and third parties at our sole discretion.

All declarations, notifications and communications in relation to the Service shall preferably take place through electronic/digital media.

Savekubwa Ltd shall be entitled to edit, modify or replace this agreement at any time and in its sole discretion. Continued access to the website or use of the Service shall be deemed as your consent to accept the modified agreement.


Access to the website/Service shall be free and voluntary, but you may be required to register/subscribe with us and provide your like name, age, contact number, email address, credit card detail, and other information related to your health or demographic profile for using the Service.

Savekubwa Ltd may screen and verify your submitted information, but shall not be obligated to do so. If we believe or become aware at any point that you are operating a fake account, submitted misleading/fabricated information or violated any other provisions of this agreement, we may suspend or terminated your account in our sole discretion.

When you create an account on this website, it shall be your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your login information and you shall be liable for all activities that take place under your account.

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