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Before you know it’s that time of year again….. Ah bwana already… did I get a reminder?

Your fists clench up…beads of sweat start building up, questions fill you head. Should I use the same broker again? Did he give me the best deal for me or for himself? Oh boy how many forms will I need to fill this year? Sounds familiar…it’s a similar situation faced by thousands of Kenyans every year, something needs to be done…


At SaveKubwa we believe!! We believe in efficiency. We believe in Transparency. We believe in Savings. We have now brought our beliefs to the Insurance Industry.

Founded in 2016 based in Nairobi, Kenya

Questions were asked: Why Can’t I buy my insurance Online….why can’t I fill one form and compare multiple providers…..why can’t I see my policy in a way that makes sense to me ….why are insurance companies still operating in the Dark ages!!!.....oh oh what shall we call the company?

SaveKubwa is an Aggregation and Comparison service. We work with Insurance companies who share our beliefs to bring you amazing deals.

  • Fill out a simple form only once, since all your details will be safely stored.

  • You will be presented with competitive quotes from our Insurance partners in a clear simple format.

  • Compare and pick your preferred quote and purchase online. Yes in real-time no waiting.

Simple Form, Multiple Results, Instant Purchase, Great Savings!!

Sawa sawa, now you tell me what’s in it for you. If it’s free for me and all other customers then where is your Pesa coming from

SaveKubwa.com was created for the Kenyan consumer and each policy bought through the site is a vote that we are providing a much needed service. Obviously we have to make some money to stay in business. Whenever a policy is bought on our site we collect a small fee from the Insurance Company. This allows us to continue to run and develop our comparison services and add more products. The price you pay will either be the same or lower then you would get directly with the Insurance Company.

Kweli, ah but I know these companies t hey always work with the big Insurance companies to trick us….me I don’t know now!!

Savekubwa.com is totally bootstrapped, meaning we only use our own money and the money we make to grow the business; we have not accepted any money from any big corporations or investors. This means we are in control and never have to compromise our belief system.

SaveKubwa I you please bring us some more products to compare.

We are dreaming big!! We have worked very hard on the design, feel and simplicity of our website. We will keep adding Insurance products one by one, please keep feeding back to us on what you like, what you don’t like and most importantly what products you want to see on the website. Let us grow together.

Save Kubwa?

Because we are here to SAVE you money, SAVE you time, and SAVE your sanity….BIG Time!!! And we like elephants.

Our Promise to You

  • We are committed to bringing you the best prices in the market
  • All results will be presented unbiased and with full transparency
  • You will never have to pay for our services.
  • Your data will never be shared with internet bandits (marketer)
  • We will innovate around your feedback to enrich your experience

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